A World War II historic guide to discover the D-Day Landing Beaches in Normandy

Travel Normandy guide François Gauthron offers tours of the Normandy landing beaches, World War II battlefield. Come and discover the most famous part of Normandy where took place the Landing and the battle of Normandy in June 1944 to liberate France and Europe. You will be escorted by a qualified bilingual guide who will show you round the major sites of the beaches. Visit the highlights of World War II sites in Normandy with an expert license guide, first the most important sites of the landing beaches.

Normandy Travel

Travel in Normandy with Francois Gauthron

American Airborne Battleground in Normandy 2 Days

Sites list

First Day

  • Sainte-Mère-Église (Lipton, “Bull” Randleman, “Moe” Alley, Earl McClung and Dick Winters)
  • American Airborne Museum
  • Drop zone (DZ)
  • Angoville-au-Plain
  • Night Ambush
  • Meehan's C47 crash site and Memorial
  • Marmion Farm (Floyd Talbert, Smokey Gordon, Forrest Guth, Major Stopka)
  • Exit N° 2
  • La Herguerie Farm
  • Brecourt Manor
  • Saint-Côme-du-Mont
  • Vierville
  • Holdy Corner
  • Culoville
  • General Maxwell Taylor HQ
  • Hiesville (General Pratt Glider crash)
  • St Côme du Mont
  • Dead Man's Corner Museum
  • Purple Heart Highway
  • Colonel Cole's HQ (cabbage farm)
  • Ingouf Farm
  • Cabbage Patch
  • Bloody Gulch
  • Carentan

Second Day

  • Sainte-Mère-Église
  • Neuville-au-Plain (Night Ambush, Turbull III, Robert Niland)
  • La Fière Bridge and causeway
  • Cauquigny Church
  • Charles DeGlopper Medal of Honor site
  • 505th Memorial
  • 507th
  • Timmes Orchard
  • Chateau de Picauville (General Falley killed by jack Schlegel 82nd )
  • 508th Roy Creek Bridge
  • Carentan
  • Graignes

Tour Rate

  • Rate on request. Please contact us.

18 hours tour

A real experience to share with an expert

First Day: 101st Airborne Sites

Second Day: 82nd Airborne Sites


To really enjoy this tour you need to have a certain level of Knowledge.

My recommendations are...

101st Airborne Sites

  • Watch: “Band of Brothers” (Normandy episode at least twice)
  • Read: “Brothers in Battle” by William Guarnere and Dward Heffron (also available in CDs)
  • Read: 101st Airborne “Screaming Eagle at Normandy” by Mark A. Bando

82nd Airborne Sites

  • Read: “The Way we were” by Colonel Bob piper
  • Read: “No Better place to die” by Robert Murphy

Now you are ready for a Great Day with your expert lecturer.